Every reading is a special experience between you, your higher self and your Angels. It is a gift to communicate these messages and assist in the journey of your life path. I am very thankful to share this gift with others. I have seen how healing, insightful, joyful, and exciting these readings have been. Past and current clients have had profound changes and the messages from the Angels are always very loving and encouraging. Angel Therapy empowers you with guidance and support from your Angels, Guides, and Divine Spirit. These messages from the Divine Spirit are given to help guide you towards accomplishing your goals in love, relationships, wellness, family, and career/ life purpose. In a session you may have an overall general reading or ask specific questions. - Available long distance via phone, skype or email.

The Indigo Oracle is located in a lovely home office in Los Angeles, Ca. Use the contact info below or pay online to book a phone, or email reading. Counsel at your home is also available for an additional travel fee. Fee is based on location radius and miles traveled.

Purchase Online with Square Market or using the Paypal drop box below or the paypal.me link. You can select the service you would like to purchase. Within 24hrs you will receive an email from indigo.angel.love@gmail.com confirming your payment and a list of available appointment times.


Wishing you many blessings and lots of love. 
- Milan Symon, The Indigo Oracle

"My reading with Milan felt loving, honest and authentic.  The space was comfortable, clean and calm which helped me erase any doubts I had walking in.  To this day, I still listen to the reading I had from months past and it continues to bring clarity to my life."- Rose R.

"This was an amazing experience, The timing was perfect!  it really helped me get through a not so good time and it cleared my mind for what i needed to Do! I loved Milan and her reading was insightful and  Honest. i highly recommend her to anyone!" - Ivet C.

"Milan's reading clearly shows how distance is never an obstacle for her to communicate with your angels & guides. I received a reading all the way from Australia via email where she delivered me messages and guidance that continue to help me to this day as i am able to read the email when ever i feel the  need to remember her comforting words. I highly recommend Milan :) she's wonderful!" - Christelle H.

"Milan and Meg are the best! I took their manifesting workshop and it was so much fun. What a great experience to share in a very peaceful and supportive environment. Relaxing guided meditation, movement to get our bodies flowing, and then we got creative in making our vision boards! They had ample art supplies and magazines that we got to play with and let our inner child let lose. They are both very loving and intuitive people and I highly recommend their workshops and services!"- Michelle H.

"Back in December I had my cards read by the very brilliant and intuitive Milan Symon. She told me she could see that soon things in my life were going to get amazing. Like purple fairy dust and sparkles amazing. I remember brushing it off, thinking I don't even know what that looks like. She's trippin'. Then a few days ago I looked up, laughed and realized this is was she was talking about." - Marissa S.